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Editorial Reviews. Review. "Overall, the book is yet another fantastic read from a talented young author. And it will leave you craving the next installment which.
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But the sheer exuberance of language and unfettered whimsy of the concept are more than enough to make up for that. Not necessarily a book for immovable sci-fi or fantasy purists but an essential one for people who like it when intelligent writers refuse to bow to conventions and create their own.

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Like, Pacific Rim -sized monsters. Warner Bros. There were always jokes, but Pratchett was an even better storyteller than he was a satirist. In Thief of Time , time is something manufactured by the Monks of History. They allocate it as they see fit until some upstart gets it into his mind that time should just be stopped dead in its tracks. Following the very first through-the-portal Fairyland adventures of the too-smart-by-half pre-teen September and her new best Wyverary friend, A-through-L, The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making is an achingly true meditation on the confusing, exciting pain of growing up, all wrapped up in pure cleverness and whimsy.

And while the plot may at times feel too lullingly gentle, the characters and settings are so thoroughly, gorgeously drawn, and each sentence so meticulously, luminously crafted, that a discerning reader is unlikely to get bored. Adults will find a thousand things to love in this world, but a voracious book-loving kid, for whom this series will feel like a gift from the Universe, will find one billion and four. Harry Potter was already for grown-ups.

Despite its magical school setting, the series owed more to the wonder of C. Magic corrupts as much as it helps pull its practitioners out of their melancholic existences.

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The loss of that innocence—getting expelled from his own fantastical Garden of Eden—sends Quentin spiraling out of control in a convoluted sequence of events that end up weaving together in unexpected ways. Maybe lying is itself a kind of art.

I think about that more than I should. The Clankers Germans and other Central Powers rely on steam-powered robots and futuristic machines to battle the fabricated animals Darwinists the UK, France, Russia and their allies employ as weapons in the war.

Written for young adults, Leviathan and its sequels Behemoth and Goliath are entertaining for all ages. And if Six of Crows is the heist, then Crooked Kingdom is the glorious getaway drive.

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Want to read about a grand scheme, involving magic, fighting, and all the joys of fantasy? These books are for you. The first volume in The Dandelion Dynasty series, Grace of Kings follows the diminutive Kuni Garu, a charming bandit, and the towering Mata Zyndu, the resolute son of a deposed family lineage, as they suffer under—and eventually help topple—a tyrannical ruler. Liu, who also translated the first volume of the wildly popular Chinese sci-fi novel The Three-Body Problem , draws from Asian inspirations but creates a fantasy world that feels wholly original, not like an amalgamation of existing cultures.

From the music to the balls to the swoon-filled romances, this is a gorgeous series the YA community is sad to see go. A Dance with Dragons by George R. It took 11 years for Martin to publish the pair of books that span a single timeline. Book Two avoids the sophomore slump, prioritizing character development and increasingly insane stakes to keep your adrenaline pumping.

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And Tahir continues to tackle serious topics like slavery and government corruption with strength, proving that compelling fantasy stories exploring real-world issues are not only entertaining but essential when done right. The harrowing climax is frustratingly predictable, but the beautiful, strange journey here is what matters. The Obelisk Gate by N. Jemisin The Hugo Award-winning second book in N.

The Obelisk Gate boasts everything that made The Fifth Season phenomenal—a brilliant magic system, three-dimensional female characters, world-ending stakes—and ratchets it up to Jemisin consistently pairs fascinating character development with intense action, continuing a fantasy epic that demands your undivided attention. Jonathan Strange serves as apprentice to Mr. The page novel includes copious footnotes following one rabbit hole after the next.

Though Rosie grows up in the shadow of a curse, she proves to be a fierce, courageous and spirited woman who seeks to save herself and her kingdom. This captivating tale delivers a refreshing adventure, revealing that female friendships and high-stakes action belong together in fantasy.

Drawing heavily from Middle Eastern mythology, Throne of the Crescent Moon follows Doctor Adoulla Makhslood, a paunchy, past-his-prime ghul hunter drawn away from his impending retirement by a wicked plot brewing in the royal palace. Studios, surrounds the Doctor with a varied cast, including a resourceful older married couple, a shape-shifting tribeswoman with nothing to lose and an honor-bound Dervish warrior. This modern day Alice In Wonderland starts out quite charming, with the precocious Coraline Jones and her parents moving into a mansion full of quirky flat-mates and a talking cat.

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And somehow all three books were published between October and December of —just a little factoid to depress fans of Patrick Rothfuss and George R. It is kind of an epistolary story, except most of the story is written in prose. A Memory of Light gave us a satisfying ending to the epic high fantasy saga. Our heroes from the quiet village of Two Rivers and their motley cast of allies all get their moments to shine.

Set in a post-nuclear-holocaust Africa, the novel follows a child of rape destined to become a powerful sorcerer. Trust us, Who Fears Death is necessary reading for the fantasy canon. The novel takes you back to her fantasy realm of Ketterdam, featuring a ragtag crew of outcasts who must pull off a major heist. The result is a fast-paced story that will keep you turning the beautifully designed pages for hours.

Six of Crows stands on its own. But on the eve of war, a leading scientist dies under strange circumstances, though not before he passes along a secret so powerful it could doom, or save, all humanity. Payne: In an instant, everything stops.

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No lights. No phones. No transportation. A mouthy street girl. The Bloodless Assassin is a tropical steampunk adventure with quirky characters and snappy banter, set in a richly imagined world. Catling alone has the talent to disrupt their sway. Or its executioner? Serving as a supply and trading post, it is home to a select number of human beings that will take a desperate chance to make a difference in their end of the galaxy. Kindle Nook Kobo Apple Are these books no longer free? McDaniel: Alaezdar thought he had found a perfect home in a small farming community of Valewood.

Here he hoped he could bury his past and hide from his mercenary guild that has a death price on his head. His hopes are shattered when an evil sorceress, a wizard, and his goblin-like bloodthirsty followers raid the village and kidnap a teenage girl. The Pacifiers are faced with a threat of such enormity that they must resort to a previously unthinkable course of action implementing Contingency Nine. Compelled to poke at an imperial cover up, Raike finds himself caught in the center of the chaos, targeted from all sides, where his presence now endangers an old ally he has been trying to avoid at all costs.

Arliss: Mae Burridge is snatched during a fun day out in Austin with friends and sold into a human trafficking ring. How she escapes a dying, polluted Earth, becomes an independently rich young woman, finds friendship, an alien lover, and a purpose that helps her heal is an epic story of determination about the turns of fate that change her life. Three others have beaten him to the local village: two scholars and a seductress. With werewolves on their scent, a cursed monastery, and mutual mistrust, only one will claim the Book of Souls.

And no closure. Insights from the Otherworld shed light on a cold case. And femme-fatale Cait demands payback! Kindle Scenes by Christian Celind: In a Utopian future, hundreds of years from now, a cast of adolescents are the stars of the show. Are their lives interconnected somehow? Kindle World Whisperer by Rachel Devenish Ford: A fourteen-year-old girl desperate to save her brother from sacrifice.

A land she has never dreamed existed. When Isika sets out from the oppressive Worker village to find her brother, she finds new friends and magic that draws her into a terrifying, exhilarating new world. Follow Angie Prouty as she unravels a murder mystery on Nantucket! Get the freebie today on Amazon. Thriller Fast paced stories that just might have you keeping the lights on at night.